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Chard Roll

Chard is one of our favorite greens. It’s beautiful, full of vitamins and minerals, when you cut it comes again and quite versatile for cooking. You can saute it, blanch it, put it in quiches and frittata…anywhere you would put spinach, well, you can substitute with chard. One of our favorite ways of having chard now is the chard roll. You can have a  side dish done in 10 minutes!


1 bunch of chard

water for boiling




1. Get a pot of water boiling. You have a few minutes before the water boils so this is when you cut off the stems. Don’t discard. You can use the stems like you would celery. Chop finely and add to salad or stir-fries. When the water comes to a boil, throw the chard leaves in.

2. Boil the leaves for a couple minutes. Turn off the heat and strain. Run the chard under running water to remove heat. You can stop it from overcooking this way.

3. Squeeze the chard together to remove excess water. Imagine a long sushi roll.

4. Cut into bite size pieces about half an inch and pour tahini and soysauce over it.



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