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Tofu Salad

Lettuce is low in calorie so it is happily eaten. Did you know it is balanced in potassium, iron, calcium, carotene, vitamin C and fibers? It is popular to have it in a salad of course but try adding it to soup and fried rice. You can eat more quantity this way. You can also enjoy wrapping grilled meats and vegetables at BBQs. We just tried throwing a whole head of romaine on the grill this weekend. Cut in half and place the cut side on a plate with olive oil so that it covers the whole cut surface. Put on the grill for about ten minutes just enough to brown them on both sides. Chop it up and pour balsamic vinegar on it. Very tasty! Here is a refreshing recipe that is very healthy and it’s a twist on a Thai papaya salad!


1 head of romaine or butterhead lettuce

1 carton of tofu

1 baby carrot, cut julienne thin

2 spring onions, cut julienne thin

5 sprigs of mint leaves,chopped (optional)

1/2 cup of basil, chopped (optional)

a sheet of nori (optional)


2 Tsp olive oil

2 Tsp fish sauce

3 Tsp lime juice

1/2 Tsp honey

1/2 tsp shrimp paste

1 red chili, minced or substitute with 1 squeeze shriracha sauce


1. Chop up or tear the lettuce in nice edible sizes. Place in a salad bowl.

2. The tofu needs to be strained of water so 30 minutes before serving, take out of package, put on a plate with a bowl on top of it as a weight. Dump the water and mash it. Add to the lettuce.

3. Top the tofu with mint, basil, nori, carrots and onions.

4. Mix together the dressing ingredients and pour on top of the salad.



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