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2010 Apprenticeship Program

Working in the greenhouse

This year, we’re looking to expand our production acreage from 1 acre to 5 acres.  We’ll be developing a 2 acre perennial plot, a 1 acre rice padi field, and adding another acre of annual vegetables to the 1 acre we already have in production.  Currently we have 1 apprentice, Devin, living and working on site. He’s been with us since last September, and doing a fantastic job while learning various aspects of our farm’s day to day operations.  We’re hoping to find one more hard-working apprentice to work alongside Devin and help us with our expansion as well as our ongoing vegetable production, CSA and farmers’ market.

While some farming or gardening experience would be helpful, it is not a prerequisite for our apprenticeship position.  We are however, looking for someone who can work long, hard hours in what are often adverse weather conditions.  Also, keeping a positive attitude and a good sense of humor toward what is undoubtedly a challenging lifestyle, will serve an apprentice well.

In our program, we’ll provide a private room in a house on site with 3 housemates.  A monthly stipend of $200/month will be offered to cover basic living costs and as many vegetables as one can eat will also be available.  On working days we’ll share in the preparation and cooking of lunches, while the apprentices will be on their own for breakfast and dinner.  The program will also feature weekly classroom sessions instructed by Jason and Haruka.  The sessions will have weekly assignments and cover topics pertinent to our farming operation.

An apprentice on our farm isn’t just another warm body, but rather a member of our community.  Currently there are 18 of us living in 8 houses on adjoining properties forming an informal little village we affectionately refer to as ‘The Bend in the Moncure Road’.  We engage in potlucks once a week and enjoy other activities together as an actively growing community.

Haruka, Devin and Jason in the greenhouse

We see our farm as a stepping stone for those who are committed to living a farming lifestyle and looking to have their own farm someday.  Ideally, we’d like an apprentice who can commit to an entire season here, with the possibility of moving beyond the apprentice position on our farm in the future.

For anyone interested in learning more about this program, please send an e-mail to Jason and Haruka at


4 thoughts on “2010 Apprenticeship Program

  1. Hi Jason, It was great to meet you at the SSAWG conference! Just wanted to say I think what you and Haruka are doing is wonderful. I wish I could be your apprentice! Good wishes for your production expansion in the season ahead. We are expanding here as well, just ordered our seeds today. Can’t wait, but I’ll have to, spring is months away for us up in Wisconsin.


  2. HI
    Can you come up with some recipies using Moroheiya…this veg is so good and higher in many nutrients than Spinach. Example Calcium 260 mg to spinach 48 mg. Very good for women…I just found some rahman type noodles made from moroheiya and they are really good.


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