Edible Earthscaping is a philosophy, a lifestyle and a farming style that embodies the ebb and flow of nature.  Rather than attempting to control or manipulate nature, it strives to blend with the natural tendencies of soil, climate, flora and fauna to achieve a diverse ecosystem loaded with food.

This is the vision my wife Haruka and I embrace as we foster the evolution of the Edible Earthscapes.  Although we are not certified organic,  there is no place on our farm for chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  Weeds are controlled through cover cropping, mulch and hand pulling.  Pests are controlled through companion planting, crop rotation and attracting a plethora of predators.  Fertilizer comes from composted horse manure, alpaca manure, compost made on site and compost tea made from our own compost.

We’re in our seventh season of farming in North Carolina after farming for several years in Japan.  We brought with us many of the techniques we learned from farming in Japan, and not surprisingly, we specialize in growing Japanese and Asian heirloom varieties. Our farm is located in Moncure, NC. Please come visit us during the CFSA Fall Farm Tour in September!


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