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Farewell North Carolina


Leaving a place you’ve called home for nearly a decade is never easy. Selling your homeplace, finding new homes for nine plus years of accumulated stuff and working out all of the other minute, but neccessary details can be positively mind-boggling.  But at the end of the day, things are things, stuff is stuff, and leaving it behind is not such a big deal once you get on the other side of the move. Actually, it feels quite liberating to whittle all of our possesions down to a load that easily fits into the back of a Subaru Outback.  It’s the beings with souls that are much more challenging to leave behind…our beautifully abundandant life-giving plot of land, our cats and the other fauna that lend sound, motion and energy to our farm, and of course, our expansive community of amazing friends!

I won’t even begin to point out all of those beautiful friends, as there are literally hundreds of them…you know who you are! But what I can say is that Haruka and I could’ve never pulled off what we did with Edible Earthscapes without the immense love and support that we’ve received from so many different angles, and I don’t say that in any sort of flippant way. The degree of gratitude we hold in our hearts for all of you being a part of our journey is something I could never adequately put into words. And speaking of journeys…As we stand here on the ledge of our next little chapter in this grand journey of life, we relish in the ability that modern technology gives us to take all of you with us. So even though we may not physically see many of you for a good, long while, we look forward to sharing our adventures with you. At the moment we’re enjoying some down time with family in Texas and preparing for our departure to Guatemala in a few days. Stay tuned friends!


21 thoughts on “Farewell North Carolina

  1. We wish you both good fortune and a safe, joyous journey. Your farm was a special place, as were you for the energy and heart you put into it. We have been gone from NC for more than two years and feel fortunate to have met you both, visited your farm and enjoyed its abundance. Buon viagio!


  2. Haruka and Jason – I had no idea this was happening until just now! Oh how you’ll be missed! Thank you for all you’ve done to nourish and educate our community. Thank you for putting so much love into all you do. Wishing you incredible adventures wherever you are headed. We’ll be following along…


  3. Our family will certainly miss seeing you. Our littles have grown into bigs with you as pillars in their community. We’ve all been blessed by being able to call you family. But….we are also all totally pumped to see where you next shed light in the world. Shine bright (and post often). xoxo


  4. We will miss you both dearly and your nourishing farm, and your absence will become painfully real when you are not there when the market reopens. But, of course, we only wish you the very best and will relish what you have left behind. May the road rise up to meet you on your journeys. We look forward to hearing about your new chapters together.

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  5. What a surprise! And an inspiration! I know you will be dearly missed. All the best for your new adventures. You have made a difference here, and I am sure to be among many, many people who have been touched by your positive attitudes!


  6. Looking forward to virtually coming along for the ride with you guys! It was nice to hear your voice in your writing. Sending love and safe travels!


  7. Blessing you wonderful two! We have a good friend on San Pedro named Chris Filiaci. You may want to connect with him. Love the arm chair travelling you are helping us to do. Stay safe and much love.


  8. We’re going to miss you here in North Carolina. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the world unfold within your words. Have a blessed journey, my friends!


  9. Bon Voyage and best of luck in your new adventures, Jason and Haruka! You will be missed, and what a joy it has been to get to know you and to enjoy the delicious and nourishing abundance of produce from your farm! We can’t wait to read about your travels…
    Nancy and Paul


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