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Asparagus and Sorrel Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You haven’t enjoyed spring until you’ve had some asparagus. I found an intriguing recipe this week from Closet Cooking for the CSA and was excited to try it out! If you like pesto, asparagus or grilled cheese sandwiches…this is a must cook dish!

What better way to savor the best of spring than an asparagus sorrel pesto grilled cheese sandwich! We have fresh asparagus and sorrel right now!

Ingredients for asparagus pesto modified from Closet Cooking
1 cup raw local organic asparagus, chopped
1/2 cup sorrel, chopped(if you can’t find sorrel than use 1/2 lemon zest and juice)
1 clove garlic
4 Tbs parmesan cheese, grated(I imagine it would be yummy with nutritional yeast too)
3 Tbs olive oil
2 Tbs pine nuts, toasted
Place everything in a food processor and puree

Ingredients for the sandwich
1 Tbs butter
4 slices whole grain bread
4 slices of your favorite melty cheese(we used Jason’s favorite sharp cheddar)
Spread of asparagus pesto

1. Construct the sandwich by spreading the pesto on one slice of bread and put layers of cheese on the other slice of bread.
2. Slap the two together and your sandwich is made.
3. Turn on the heat to medium-high and warm the pan.
4. Melt the butter and soak the sandwich on one side and then flip it over, cover with a lid so that the cheese melts before the bread burns and grill it until brown( about 6-7 minutes. Flip it again, cover and grill the other side.

There is plenty of the pesto to dip the sandwich in or you could save it to make pasta or eggs. Enjoy!

Please click here to see original recipe from Closet Cooking.


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