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Gobo Carrot Tempura with Grated Radish Dip

You can pretty much tempura anything so this day I used the leftover tempura batter to fry up shishitos too. My friend made a fantastic tofu stir-fry to go along with the meal.

Ingredients (4~6 servings)

Quarter Pound Gobo, sliced juienne thin

2~3 carrots, sliced julienne thin

2~3 Green Onions, chopped in 1 inch sizes

1 cup flour

1 egg, beaten plus ice water to make 1 cup

frying oil

1 watermelon radish or half a daikon, grate  for  consistency of apple sauce

a little soy sauce

To make the batter

The key to making a good tempura batter is to not mix too much and using ice water.

1. Beat an egg and add ice water so it equals 1 cup. Sift flour  and mix without making it too clumpy.Avoid mixing too much. It’s okay if you can’t get all of the flour mixed into the mixture and some is left dry on the side.

2. Heat up the frying oil preferably 340 degrees. You need a good hot temperature  to get crisp tempura and to do this quickly. One way to judge if the temperature is hot enough is to drop a little bit of the batter into the oil. If it floats and sizzles right away you are ready to fry away!

3, Add the cut vegetables to the batter and make sure the batter is coating the majority. Use a wide spoon or a ladle to gently slide the mixture into the oil. leave it alone for a minute or two so it doesn’t fall apart. Brown both sides and cool off on a paper towel.

Serve with Grated Radish Dip and other treats like stir-fry, salad, soup and rice.

To make Radish Dip

Grate a watermelon radish or daikon in a blender to achieve an apple sauce like texture. In the summer, I substitute with cucumber to get a very cool dip:)Add soysauce, ginger, garlic, hot sauce to make your favorite dip.


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