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CSA Week 21

October is a wonderful month of beautiful weather, bountiful crop and fun and fantastic events! The Abundance Pepper Festival is one we will be taking part in where you can enjoy all of the above! We will be featuring our shishito peppers so get your tickets in advance and come join the festivities!

*I want to remind you to bring your boxes back so we can finish the season off strong. We have 4 more weeks of CSA left and we don’t  want to order new boxes until next year. Thank you for  doing your part in returning the CSA boxes and check around your house, garage, car for any that got tucked away!

You can find the following vegetables in your boxes this week:

small bag of edamame


sweet  potato

sweet pepper


mizuna (small share only)


watermelon radish

arugula (full share only)

daikon greens (full share only)

beets (full share only)


* herb of your choice on a first come first serve basis( basil/ lime                basil/ cilantro/ dill/ edible flowers

* eggplant or ridge gourd

* Thai hots


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