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CSA Week 19

We are slowly saying goodbye to summer . You know fall is here when the leaves are turning color and they are falling on the ground. The basil has finished up so I hope you made great batches of pesto through out the summer! Now the greens are back and we have dug up the sweet potato and peanuts!

We are on the 4th annual eastern triangle farm tour! This is a great chance for you to visit the beautiful farms in your area and learn more about where your food comes from. All proceeds go to CFSA which promote sustainable agriculture. Come visit our farm on the 19th(Sat.) or 20th (Sun.)1pm-5pm.

This is what you’ll find in your boxes this week:

sweet potato


sweet peppers


mizuna or arugula

moroheiya or swiss chard or beet greens


beans (full share only)

ridge gourds or eggplant

BONUS: small bags or bunches of the following herb. One choice on a first come first serve basis.

dill /cilantro/lime basil/basil/shiso and shiso blossoms


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