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CSA Week 18

We are on the 4th annual eastern triangle farm tour! This is a great chance for you to visit the beautiful farms in your area and learn more about where your food comes from. All proceeds go to CFSA which promote sustainable agriculture. Come visit our farm on the 19th or 20th 1pm-5pm.

You can find the following in your boxes this week:

green beans or edamame

mizuna or swiss chard or beet greens-wonderful greens are coming back! …we thought til we woke up Monday morning and found that the deer had munched on the chard. Sorry, greens are for full share only this week.

ridge gourd or eggplant

okra-try roasting or grilling okra if you haven’t done so already! Just lay them whole on a cookie sheet or grill coated with a little bit of olive oil and an herb of your choice.

sweet peppers

nira chives


gobo-I have a few recipes posted on this blog but I tried grilling them last night for the first time and it was fantastic. Marinate in a BBQ or Teriyaki sauce and grill til both sides are brown and crispy.


shishito-These little guys have been going strong and they still have it in them to produce a bit more. If you feel they are a bit much for you, roast or grill them and save them for a cold day in the winter. You will not regret that you did that!

Bonus this week:

one herb of your choice on a first come first serve basis.

Shiso- slice thinly and add raw to salads, rice or stir-fries. Great as a pesto too. Freezing is possible.

Thyme– it’s great in tomato sauce or on pizza. It’s also one of the main ingredients in ratatouille  along with rosemary and bay. Dry for later use.

Oregano- makes a great tomato sauce or pico de gallo. Dry for later use.

Dill- great with salmon, potatoes and cheese. Make pickled cukes or okra. Freezing is possible.

Cilantro- make salsa, chutney or pesto with it. Wonderful in salads, soups, stir-fries.

Peppermint- Great with meats and to make spring rolls. Make a refreshing tea. Drying is possible.

Spearmint- Same as peppermint.

Stevia- A great sugar substitute with almost zero calories. Good for your teeth.  Steep with the mint to make a sweet mint tea.Drying is possible


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