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CSA Week 17

How time flies! It is already the last day of August and we only have 8 more weeks of CSA left! Luckily in Chatham, the growing season is long so you will be getting things like okra and peppers till first frost. The lettuce, arugula, kale and mizuna are in the ground so these wonderful GREENS will be making it into your boxes soon.

This is what you can expect in your boxes this week:

green beans or edamame– we struggled so much this season to get our green beans going. First with bugs, then with deer. Finally you can get some good beans!

okra– I tried okra 2 ways this weekend that I had never had before. I had them pan-fried in sesame oil whole without cutting with a little bit of sea salt. So simple and so good and not slimy. I also had it roasted, coated lightly with coconut oil and nutritional yeast. Thanks Brandon for the wonderful idea!

shishito peppers– These little guys have been so popular with our CSA members and out at the farmers market!  Enjoy them while they last!

sweet peppers -If you feel you are getting too many peppers, roast them and freeze them to eat later. you won’t regret it.

chard or moroheiya or beet greens– Yay for greens!

ridge gourd or eggplant-Some of you will be getting ridge gourds for the first time. They are gourds with ridges and very sweet.

garlic- yes, I know. We have lots of garlic. Make pesto, roast it. paste it.pickle it. Store it. Give it away as gifts.

leeks- some people are thinking ahead and making soup for the winter. leeks are great in soup!

lime basil – If you haven’t made pesto yet, puree away! You will be so grateful in the winter to get a whiff of summer. Lime basil tea is great too.

Bonus this week: Thai Hots and Tomatoes…the first 2 successions of tomatoes are on their way out. Hopefully, the third succession will be fruitful before too long. Let us know if you are interested in B grade.


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