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CSA Week 16

Climatically speaking it’s been a roller coaster week.  Most days were extremely hot with intermittent periods of breezy, cool cloud cover and the occasional raging downpour.  The one  thing that has remained constant is dripping humidity.

Peppers are changing color overnight, the okra are thriving, rice is in full bloom and beans and cowpeas are weaving their  way  over the last spots of barren soil on their beds.

This week you can expect the following in your boxes:


Sweet  Pepper– roast, roast away!


Shishito Peppers- try roasting it or having it in a quiche. Check out the recipe!


Thai Bottle Gourd or Eggplant



Moroheiya- if you haven’t tried it blanched yet, I think it is the best way to eat it, if you don’t mind the viscous consistency just like okra.

Cow Pea Greens (Full Share Only)- they are tender pea shoots full of protein and minerals. Add raw to salads or cook in stir-fries and soup.

Bonus: Choice of one herb on a first come first serve basis:

Shiso- slice thinly and add raw to salads, rice or stir-fries. Great as a pesto too. Freezing is possible.

Thyme– it’s great in tomato sauce or on pizza. It’s also one of the main ingredients in ratatouille  along with rosemary and bay. Dry for later use.

Oregano- makes a great tomato sauce or pico de gallo. Dry for later use.

Dill- great with salmon, potatoes and cheese. Make pickled cukes or okra. Freezing is possible.

Cilantro- make salsa, chutney or pesto with it. Wonderful in salads, soups, stir-fries.

Peppermint- Great with meats and to make spring rolls. Make a refreshing tea. Drying is possible.

Spearmint- Same as peppermint.

Stevia- A great sugar substitute with almost zero calories. Good for your teeth.  Steep with the mint to make a sweet mint tea.Drying is possible.


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