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CSA week 15

Summer is a time of abundance. Our job according to Michael Pollan is one who captures essence of the sun. Sometimes I really feel that way as I package and see a whole array of colors in your CSA boxes. Most of these will keep coming for another 2 months so take advantage of the abundance and preserve the goodness of summer so you can have a burst of sun in the dead of winter. Preserve! Preserve! Preserve!

This is what you can expect in your boxes this week:

OKRA!…deep fried okra, sauted okra, gumbo, jambalaya, blanched and chilled okra, pickled okra…

Tomatoes…sliced tomatoes, diced tomatoes, bruschetta, tomatoes on pizza, tomato pie, tomato soup…

Thai Bottle Gourd…grilled, sauted, stir-fried, deep-fried fritters, pan-fried w/ tomatoes and parmesean, T.B.G. curry, ratatouille, zucchini bread…

Red Onions…they have been cured so should store well in a cool dark place. Add to anything raw or cooked!

Nira Chives…add to anything! great with eggs.

Garlic…stores up to 4~10 months depending on condition. Store in cool dark place. roast and freeze, make garlic oil, garlic paste…add to anything!

Moroheiya…soup, stir-fry, frittata, curry, salad, tempura, blanch and freeze.

Shishito…pan-fry in sesame oil and flavor with soysauce…great beer snack!…stir-fry, tempura, shrimp scampi, on pizza, hot dog relish, pepper relish, shishito quiche…

Sweet Peppers…add to salad, roast and freeze!

Lime Basil…lime basil tea, lime basil pesto, add fresh to salad, pasta, rice, stir-fry…

Gobo …(full share only)…stir-fry, blanch and make a salad, stew with beef, tempura, add to miso soup…


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