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CSA Week 14

Now we’re in that time of the season when we get to feature a lot of our unique Asian vegetables.  We’re pleased to hear that so many of you have been enjoying these delicacies and finding inventive new ways to prepare them.  As farmers, we get a lot of satisfaction out of hearing how you all enjoy eating our food.  These stories complete the intricate process that begins with the sowing of  a seed.  Thank you for that!

This week the following veggies will appear in your boxes:

Japanese or Thai Eggplant

Thai Bottle Gourd

Shishito Peppers

Sweet Peppers





Cucumbers (full share only)

Okra (full share only)

Mixed Beans (full share only)

*Bonus this week- a choice of  one herb or a bag of roasted sunflower seeds given on a first come first served basis: Spearmint/Peppermint/Cilantro/Dill/Oregano/Sage/Shiso/Thyme


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