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CSA week 11

As we head into the middle of the summer, we feel fortunate to have enjoyed a bountiful season thus far.  However, we’re well aware that with the ups come the downs in farming.  This past week has probably been our most challenging so far this year.

Deer have finally figured out how to infiltrate our fence,

and have visited our crops almost every night in the past week despite our attempts to doctor the fence and apply various deer deterrents.  Today we’re going electric, so hopefully that will do the trick.  They have been merciless toward our sweet potatoes, beans and cucumbers.  The beans were just starting to recover from a nasty bout with bean leaf beetles and grasshoppers, when the deer came along and polished off all of their new, promising growth.  The cucumbers were struggling with downy mildew (this year is particularly bad for many farms in the area) but were starting to show signs of recovery when the deer decided to eat the young green leaves and blossoms.  This means that beans and cukes probably won’t be abundant in your boxes until later in the season, but we’re definitely not throwing in the towel on these crops yet!

In another struggle with local wildlife, a 6 foot long black snake had been eating a large portion of our chicken eggs, but he won’t be coming around any more.  Unfortunately, there are probably more out there looking for eggs, so we’re on the lookout.

Weather has also been a challenge as of late.  While it’s hard to complain about the relatively mild temperatures we’ve been experiencing, it seems that a lot of our heat-loving crops such as okra, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and beans are stuck in a bit of a standstill.  A blast of sustained heat would go a long way in producing an abundance of these crops, but like many things in farming, it’s a double-edged sword.

Still, with all that being said, we’re looking at a pretty nice variety in your boxes this week, and we’re optimistic of a bountiful summer harvest to come.

Here’s what you’ll find in your boxes this week:




Lime Basil


Green Onions

Shishito Peppers

Swiss Chard (small share only)

Gobo (small share only)

Moroheiya(full share only)

Carrots (full share only)

Burgundy Okra (full share only)

Eggplant (full share only)

Sweet Peppers (full share only)


2 thoughts on “CSA week 11

  1. Corn! How exciting! I love this time of year!

    By the way, the shishitos never make it to the refrigerator. Before I leave for work tomorrow morning, I’ll put the fry pan on the stove top so when we return home with those delectable little bite-sized peppers, they’ll be going into that pan with a little olive oil while we unpack the rest of our vegetables.

    Yepper! It’s shishitos and sweet corn for dinner tomorrow night with perhaps some potato salad, candied carrots and Tempeh bacon to round out the meal. Or a stir fry with the Moroheiya, okra, onions, sweet peppers and carrots with risotto on the side. Heck, everything goes with shishitos!


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