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CSA Week 10

Wow, we are already on week 10 of the CSA. Thank you so much for supporting us and giving us feedback. I hope you are happy so far with what you have been receiving in your boxes. You have already made a huge difference in your life by supporting a small farm like us and eating healthy. There is a documentary film out now called Food, Inc. that is all about the food system in the US. The special showing is  on Sat. July 18th in Raleigh down the street from the farmer’s market. If you have time, I highly recommend that you see this film, maybe after picking up your CSA boxes?!

This is what you can expect in your boxes this week:

Swiss Chard (full share only)

Moroheiya ( small share only)

Carrots (small share only)

Tomatoes( One or a combination of Amish Paste, Persimmon, Green Zebra, Brandywine, Momotaro, Chadwick Cherry)

Cucumbers ( Japanese, Lemon, Southern Delight)

Shishito Peppers

Garlic( This week the hard neck variety is called Music)



Gobo (full share only)

Purple Bell Pepper ( full share only)

Japanese and Thai Eggplant or Squash( full share only)

Burgundy Okra (full share only)


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