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Cooking with Gobo(Burdock Root)

Kinpira Gobo;Root Veggie Stir-fry

Burdock root is a root vegetable  with a robust earthy flavor. It is often compared in taste to black salsify or artichoke hearts. It is similar in size and shape as a carrot and can be prepared like one. Add to soups, stews, stir-fry or  blanch and have it as a salad or enjoy braised. The variety commonly considered to be a nuisance weed (Arctium lappa) is the wild Burdock that is not chosen for eating. It is the cultivated variety(Arctium lappa, var. edule) common in Japan and China that is favored for its texture and flavor. A nutritious and delicious root vegetable high in fiber, it is a plant that is known to provide herbal healing properties to assist with indigestion, arthritis, rheumatism,some skin or nervous disorders and other ailments.


3 carrots, julienne thin

5 shitake mushrooms from Spain Farm

1/4 lb Burdock Root, julienne thin

( It does not have to be peeled because they are just harvested and very tender. You may want to peel store bought Burdock Root)

1 leek, white part quartered and minced

( use the green part for another dish. It has just been harvested so very tender!! Check recipe)

1 Tbsp oil( use as little as possible)

1 and a half Tbsp mirin ( you can substitute with cooking wine and sugar)

1 and a half Tbsp of soy sauce

1 tsp white sesame seeds

1/2 chili pepper, or a shake or two of dried chili flakes


1. Heat oil and add burdock root, carrots and chili and saute on medium heat for 10-15 minutes depending on desired texture.

2. Add the mirin, soy sauce and leeks and cook 5 minutes more til the liquid is evaporated. Add sesame seeds at the end.

Enjoy the crunchy chewy robust flavor of GOBO!


5 thoughts on “Cooking with Gobo(Burdock Root)

  1. My mom stir fries diced gobo in vegetable oil and then adds soy sauce and sugar. She then adds a small amount of garlic at the end and we eat it with rice. It is delicious!


  2. I made the recipe tonight. Wow!! It was great. I used half of a Jalapeno pepper and it was nicely spicy. I’ve never eaten gobo before. Delicious!


  3. This was sooooo good. Why is it so good? I’m baffled since I only had about half the ingredients and it still turned out exceedingly tasty. Is Gobo some sort of magic vegetable? Thank you for including it in the shares!


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