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CSA Week 8

We hope everyone is staying cool in this hot weather! Did you know that cucumbers are always 5 degrees cooler than the temperature around them? Just by eating them, you can stay cool.  You’ll find cucumbers and other delicious summer veggies in your boxes this week.

Here is what you can expect in your boxes this week:




Potatoes– all blue variety and german butter ball

Bulb Onions – Red Torpedo.  You’ll understand their name when you see them.  Very tasty and good keepers as well.

Garlic– this week, you are getting a variety called  Red Chesnok.   And yeah, you guessed it! It is red!

Shiso-also called Perilla or beefsteak leaf, is a fresh herb that is high in calcium and iron. Related to mint, shiso blends its delicate minty subtleties with citrus and licorice. I have posted some recipes so check it out.


Shishito Peppers (full share only)

Tomatoes (full share only)

Specials this week are:

Cut flowers $5.00

Edible flower mix $3.00

A 1/4 lb. bag of lime basil $3.00

Heirloom Tomatoes $2.50 a pound

Green/ Purple/ yellow beans $2.50 a pound

If you’d like to buy any of these extra items, please let us know the day before your pick-up.


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