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CSA Week 7

Wow! Summer is upon us! We just had the  hottest day of the year so far on the longest day! I hope everybody had a great summer solstice day! Speaking of summer, your box is looking a lot more like summer with cucumbers, potatoes, green beans and CELERY!  This celery is a red variety with an intensely delicious celery flavor, unlike the watered-down conventional celery we often see in the supermarket. We are starting to get tomatoes, peppers, bulb onions, okra and eggplant too!

This is what you can expect to find in your boxes this week:






Garlic ( you will likely be seeing a bulb of garlic every week for the rest of the summer. Last week you got California Early, a soft neck and this week is German White, a hard neck)

Herb of the Week: Lime Basil ( If you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for a treat! It is the epitomy of summer! Toss it into salad, stir fry …anything! It is yummy to flavor water with or to make MOJITOS! Puree with garlic and Olive Oil and marinate your favorite meat:)

Green Onions (If you don’t have any special plans for them, chop them up the day you get them, put them in a ziploc and throw them in the FREEZER. They will store well this way and you can just grab a little at a time to add to salad, soup, stir-fry, baked potatoes…anything. Prepping ahead makes cooking easy.)

Green, Yellow, Purple Bean MIX ( Full share only)

Summer is here which means it is a season of abundance! Let us know if you are interested in purchasing extra veggies or herbs. Be sure to email or call the night before harvest at the latest ( Tuesday pickup -Monday night) ( Friday and Saturday pick up -Thursday night) Keep in mind that this will be conducted on a first come first serve basis.

Specials this week are:

Roma Tomatoes $2.00 per pound

A bouquet of flowers $5.00

Pesto Makers Special (1/2 lb bag of basil $6.00 or 1 lb bag for $10.00)

Moroheya (A delicious, nutritious Egyptian cooking green)$2.00 a bunch

Small bags of herbs $1.00








Edible Flowers

Thank you always for your support!


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