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Beautiful Garlic Scapes;Eat or Wear it!

The garlic that we planted last fall is growing beautifully and they should be ready to harvest in 2 or 3 weeks. We know they are about ready because they send up shoots to make flowers and seed we call ‘garlic scapes’. If you love garlic, you will absolutely LOVE garlic scapes!!


Plants use alot of energy to produce fruits, flowers or seed. In this case, we want the plant to use all of their energy to produce bigger and better bulbs so we cut off the shoots.

You can use the garlic scapes like scallions or asparagus; chopped and added to salads, steamed and eaten with your favorite dressing, or tossed into stir-fry at the very end of cooking. You can also wear it like a bracelet they are so pretty!


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