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Practice Makes Perfect

When I was growing up, I often joined my mom in the kitchen and helped her prepare meals. First it was just setting the table, then chopping, then sauteing, then deep-frying. I have always enjoyed making food. A few years ago, I decided it was time to learn how to fillet fish for sashimi and I went to my mom to ask her to teach me. She simply said, go get a fish and practice…I kinda chuckled that she wasn’t gonna give me a hands on workshop but I totally see her point, if you want to get better at cooking you must spend your time in the kitchen.

I used to think that eating out was a luxury. Dressing up in beautiful clothes being seated at a nice table in an atmosphere with ambience and being served food made me feel like a queen. When Jason and I lived in the city we would eat out a lot. We have really changed from that lifestyle for many reasons. We were eating out because I was too tired to cook. Well, the more we ate out the more I was getting tired. The more I stayed home and cooked, the more I felt better and full of energy. This got me cooking more often. When Jason started farming and every year the yield would get bigger, I was basically forced to cook. At first, it was overwhelming to consume all of the eggplants or cucumbers that would keep appearing in my kitchen and sadly they would be forgotten in the back of the refrigerator at times but every season I would get used to seeing the abundance and with that expectation, be ready to serve it up with the recipes that I had saved from the previous year. I have my 5 cookbooks that I use like the bible. Now that we’re going on our  eighth year of farming, I’m very happy to open the fridge and decide upon recipes on a whim with what I have. Just like my mom said, you just need practice to be a better cook! Now, I consider being able to make food with local ingredients the biggest luxury anyone can have.  I really enjoy sharing the fruit of our labor with the community and with good friends.


I hope that with every week of the CSA you will be inspired to cook up dishes for your family and friends!


3 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. I agree with you,Haruka.
    Eating what you cook at home is the best way to get energy.
    Every Spring time I receive sasai from Akita.Udo and taranome etc..It is delicouse to eat by tempura.But 3years ago,first time cooking tempura bymyself was just oily… but now I’m a good cooker.
    It’t because I practiced.I’d like to serve it to you and Jason someday.
    I baked a cake for mother’s day this year.banana cake with walnut and rum, mom liked it!


  2. Beautiful photographs. The food looks so good! Thanks for giving me ideas about what to do with my lettuce. I get better at cooking every year that I am on a CSA. It encourages me to be creative, learn new things, be healthy, and ask my growers questions! Thanks Haruka!


  3. Haruka,

    I loved this article. You are a wonderful cook in deed and I myself have learned so much from you. I only wish we lived closer so we could eat your beautiful vegetables and enjoy your cooking. Your presentations alone are always gorgeous and I am so proud of you!

    Mom in Texas.


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