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Turning the corner

About a week ago, a light, early morning frost dusted our spring crops.  They shrugged it off without a second thought, while our summer varieties waited patiently in their wood-stove heated greenhouse.  The unofficial ‘last frost date’ of  April 15th has come and gone with no signal of a late season freeze in the 10 day forecast.  While today may not have been the warmest day of the year, it certainly felt like the most humid.  That got my mind churning beyond lettuce, carrots and beets.  The first thing I thought of was ‘how soon can I jump into the pond for a swim?’ and then I turned my attention to the bright, beautiful tomato starts that have been hardening over the past week.  Their bed sits manicured and mulched, awaiting their arrival.  Tomorrow seems like a good day for them to enter the ‘real world’ with afternoon showers in the forecast.  They’ll be followed by basil, cucumbers, peppers, squash, corn and numerous other summer-thriving crops in the weeks to come.  The turn towards summer appears to be upon us, as I thump my wood floor with a good, strong knock.  Don’t get me wrong…I cherish the spring and the bounty it brings, but the coming of summer sparks something in the soul of the farmer.  The season of abundance is right around the corner!



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