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Snow day

img_08231Last Tuesday We woke up to a blanket of snow on our farm.  About 7 seven inches of the fluffy stuff.  Haruka and I went for a walk in the woods as big, dry flakes floated down from the sky.

We got back inside just in time to watch the Presidential Inauguration while we sipped on Snow Maiden sake.  We were both deeply moved and inspired by the words of our incoming President, as well as overcome by a sense that this was truly a new beginning.  A feeling that was accentuated by a clean, white blanket of snow.  It was such an enlightening feeling that I scarcely gave a thought to the fate of the crops growing under row covers in the field.  I said “All things come to an end” and went on to engage Arlo and Zafer in a snowball fight.  It was a wonderful day.

Two days later we went to a sustainable Agriculture conference (SSAWG) in Chattanooga, and came home yesterday to find our crops thriving and as delicious as ever.  I still realize that all things come to an end, but just not until they’re good and ready.


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