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Daikon ‘Steaks’


Daikon ‘Steaks’ or ‘Scallops’ have been a hit this winter. It is easy to prepare and they are very juicy! Daikon is full of vitamin C that combat colds and has properties that calm nerves and aids digestion. Daikon is a radish so it is also great on salads. Julienne them or grate them. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients (serves 4)

*2 daikon(10-12 cuts each)       *olive oil or half and half of canola & sesame                                                                                                                                               oil

* water for boiling                        * soysauce

* salt & pepper to taste                * garlic (optional)


1. Take off the greens and use separately. The greens have more nutrients             than the actual root so prepare them like any other cooking green! (See               daikon green recipe. )

2. Cut the root in 0ne inch sizes and peel the skin.

3. Place in a big pot and cover with just enough water for boiling.

*Tip*In Japan, we boil the daikon in ‘Rice Water’ because it is said that this              water takes the edge off of the daikon and makes it sweeter. When you                wash rice, save the cloudy water for boiling daikon, beets and other                    astringent vegetables.

4. When it comes to a boil, turn down heat to medium or enough heat to                where the daikon are dancing in the water and simmer for 20 minutes til          tender.

5. Drain water and heat up a frying pan and drizzle with preferred oil.

6. The daikon is cooked through so we just want to brown both sides to a nice     color. When the second side comes to a nice color  salt & pepper to taste             Add a tablespoon and a half(or a drizzle) of soy sauce and toss the daikon         around in it.

7. Can be served cold but piping hot is best!


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