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Herb and Flower Garden

herb and flower garden

We planted many perrennials that have both culinary and medicinal properties. You can always find bees buzzing about or butterflies fluttering about…Not only is this section of our farm pretty, this area creates a safe haven for the beneficial insects to ‘hang out’ and rest before they go out into the fields for the hunt.

3 thoughts on “Herb and Flower Garden

  1. Jason and Haruka,

    Stephanie just left my house and I could hardly wait to find your webpage. My, My, your Christmas feast sounded wonderful! Haruka, do you have recipes for some of your vegan dishes that you can share?

    Jackie Gause


  2. Jason and Haruka,

    Your web site looks amazing and is very user friendly. I am so happy for you both and I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty on the farm come spring.


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